Lunches Seized From Utah Schoolkids Because They Couldn’t Pay For It??

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Really? Are they serious? What is wrong with these people?

I was completely shocked when I read this article! Kids Lunch Thrown Away

I’m so pissed I don’t know where to start.

We as parents would have CPS called on us if our child went to school and told them “mommy and daddy didn’t feed me”. So, shouldn’t CPS be called on these lunch workers? Should they be fired? My answer would be yes to both questions.

Do these workers know that lunch in school may be the only meal some children get daily? Does it not dawn on them that throwing their food out may make them starve for over 24 hours?

lunchReason for Healthier School Lunches

Even if the school lunch was not 100% healthy, it would still would have provided some of the nutrition the children’s brains needed for the rest of the day.

We have so many starving people in this world that would have just about killed for that meal and here the food was wasted!

Child Hunger Facts

How do they know if any of those kids fall under the percentage in the above article?

What if these kids had no breakfast? They may not have had food, running late for school, or simply wasn’t hungry at the time.

There are so many different scenario’s that are possible here. Either way, there is NO excuse for what those workers did! Who are they to say who is allowed to eat and who isn’t?

This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Here are more articles: Middle-School Worker Forces Kids to Throw Away Meals They Can’t Pay for But Should Have Received

Students Could Be Forced to Go Hungry Because of New NJ School Policy

NC student forced to throw out school lunch

Parents outraged after students forced to throw out lunches

Hungry Kids Were Forced To Throw Away School Lunches

Texas school tosses 6th grader’s breakfast in trash after he can’t pay 30 cents

If you think this is something new, look at the date of this article: Beaverton school worker takes girl’s lunch when account empty

This is what should happen to EVERY lunch worker who refuses to allow a school child to eat: Cafeteria Workers Will Be Fired For Denying Attleboro Students School Lunch

No wonder some children have no respect for others anymore. Not only are they not taught it in some homes, now school employees teach them actions such as this are ok. Unreal.


Watching People Starve

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Earlier today a person RTed this tweet:


“Mom Of Two” and I talked about this issue for about an hour. She is from the UK and said the same rules apply there. Like she said, these big businesses only have one thing on their mind, GREED.

I was just calming down from this conversation when this RT came across my TL:

hungry 2Article in the tweet: Feeding the Homeless Appears to Be Illegal in Raleigh, NC

What the hell is wrong with our Country? How can any decent human being not feed a hungry person?

We all know places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts throw away enough food to feed every homeless person in their town many times over.

While looking for an answer to the amount of food being thrown away by McDonald’s, (to which I never found straight answer) I came across this:

Hungry 3

This one has my blood boiling! Why? First off, how many people have bought fast food and didn’t eat it all and put it in the fridge for the following day? So you are saying  that burger put in the fridge until tomorrow is expired? Get the hell out of here!!! That means every family in the world that eats leftovers is eating expired food?  And the last sentence, THERE IS NO LEFT OVER FOOD TO DONATE. Umm excuse me how many burgers do you throw away each day??

Many places have tried to cut back on wasted food, but so much is still be thrown away.  There are men and woman’s shelters, rescue missions, etc that would be happy to pick up a few left over burgers. Many of these shelters run on generous donations from their communities. With the economy the way it is right now, I am sure these places lost many of their supporters.

I absolutely agree with Don Carpenter on this:

homelessSome are homeless because they lost their job, some because of drug and alcohol problems, many due to the economy, some because their family simply doesn’t want them around, some because of mental illnesses… I am sure there are many other reasons, but these seem to be the most common.

No matter why a person is homeless or poor, there is NO reason they should starve. Many communities have food banks. Once again because of the economy I am sure they had cut backs on their donations.

Here is a simple way we can all help:

Watch the show called Extreme Couponing. They can show you how to get over $1,000 in items for less than $20.00. Many areas also have Dollar Stores (which now take coupons), and some  grocery stores have 10 for 10 sales. If you have a coupon for $1.00 off that item is now free. If you have 10 coupons but only need 5 of that item, donate the other 5. If every person took just those few extra minutes, think of all the less fortunate that would be helped. If you pay for those items separately you can use those donations as a tax write off.   Some newspaper companies will even give out their left over coupons. Call and ask your local paper if they do it. Sometimes on a Monday you can buy the Sunday paper that is filled with coupons for a discounted rate.

Some food banks and boy scout clubs do food drives, ask your local area if they do this. There are many ways to help the poor and homeless without breaking the bank.

If you bought a new bed quilt because you got a small hole yours, don’t throw away that quilt; give it to someone who needs it.

That goes for animal shelters and vets too. They are always in need of some sort of blankets. Even baby receiving blankets.

After you are done reading this, look around at what you have. Your computer with internet, your state of the art cell phone, your flat screen tv hanging on the wall, your nice warm cozy bed, your bathroom with a shower, your nice clothes, your game systems, all the channels you get on your tv, pictures of your kids -  grand kids – family on the walls, your fridge and pantry filled with food, your adorable pets, your furnace for winter and your A/C for summer, your car, your stove and microwave, your washer and dryer…

Now imagine not having ANY of those items, living under a bridge with a 5 year old blanket with lord knows what on it, clothes that have not been washed in a year or so, not being able to shower for weeks, not being able to brush your teeth or even run a comb through your hair… Not eating from day to day because you have no money.

This is not the way ANYONE should live.  Please, go out into your community and ask what you can do to help the less fortunate.



2 Arrested For Child Porn In The Rehtaeh Parsons Case

Thursday, August 8, 2013, there were 2 boys arrested for ‘distribution of child porn’ in relation to taking and distributing a naked picture of Rehtaeh Parsons via text/sms messaging.

The two boys, whose names have not been released, were arrested Thursday morning in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  One is charged with 2 counts of ‘distribution of child pornography’, and the other is charged with 1 count of ‘distribution of child pornography’ and 1 count of ‘making child pornography’.  They were released shortly after their arrests and have been ordered to appear in ‘youth court’ on Thursday 8/15/13.

The alleged sexual assault by four boys happened in November 2011 when Rehtaeh was only 15 years of age.  Authorities confirmed a photograph was circulated to friends’ cell phones and computers.  Because of the bullying Rehtaeh endured due to the photo being circulated among her peers, she attempted to hang herself and was subsequently taken off life support in April, 3 days after the attempted suicide.

Now, my question is, why weren’t these boys charged with sexual assault?  The Photographs that was circulated proved the sexual assault took place.

Nova Scotia’s justice minister said he would be calling for a review into how the Public Prosecution Service and police handled the case once the investigation has wrapped up.  More information is expected to be released on those plans at a news conference today.





#Anonymous Press Release 5.22.2013 – Call For Peaceful Rally

The following statement was released yesterday by Anonymous:


Greetings worlds we are Anonymous,

Anonymous call for ANOTHER peaceful rally will be held in front of Police Headquarters in the continuation of seeking JUSTICE for the Parsons family following the TRAGIC death of their 17-year-old daughter Rehtaeh..
We are rallying for the following demands:

1) We DEMAND the HRP release an update to ensure the public they are continuing work on the case and to demonstrate their progress.

2) We DEMAND The Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Services, specifically the Crown Attorneys’ Office, issue a statement on the progress of this case, to explain why there have been no arrests to date, and when the public can expect charges to be laid.

3) We DEMAND an Independent public inquiry into this case that is transparent to include all government departments that should have or could have helped Rehtaeh. Inclusive of : The Capital District Health Authority, Capital District Mental Health Services, The IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program, The Administration of Cole Harbour High School, The Nova Scotia Department of Justice, The Halifax Regional Police Department, The Crown Attorneys’ Office, The Nova Scotia Department of Education, The Nova Scotia Department of Health, and The Office of the Premier.
We EXPECT open, honest reports detailing where mistakes were made, which departments failed, and proposed changes and remedies that will occur to ensure this NEVER happens to another victim.

4) We have held back releasing the names of the accused with the best of intentions and hoped the wrongs would be righted. We have allowed you time and the opportunity to realize Justice for Rehtaeh, the Parsons’ family and friends.
If these steps are NOT taken, ALL information will be released in this case.Our patience has grown thin and nearing its END. After this rally, if there is no action or results, We PROMISE the next release will be the information on ALL involved.

We are Anonymous
We are legion.
We do NOT forgive;
We do NOT forget,
Expect us.

WHERE: Halifax District RCMP WHEN : Saturday June 1st, 2pm
1975 Gottingen street #OpJustice4Rehtaeh
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2H1





Do New Details Released In The Rehtaeh Parson Case Explain Why The RCMP Never Charged Anyone?

This morning I was reading some articles that came out over the weekend regarding the Rehtaeh Parsons case and a couple things caught my eye.

Reports have been coming out that there were huge problems with the case from day one, which made it nearly impossible to arrest, and ultimately convict the 4 boys accused of raping Rehtaeh.  For one, the cell phone picture that was circulated throughout the school didn’t show Rehtaeh’s face, only the bottom half of someone who was leaning out of a window. In the photograph there is a male, naked from the waist down, giving a thumbs-up sign while pressing himself into the bare behind of whomever is leaning out the window.

Uumm…. That’s still distribution of child porn, face exposed or not!!

When Rehtaeh went to the police to press charges she gave them a statement recounting what happened as best she could remember, as she had had a lot to drink very quickly that night.  She identified the boy in the picture, identified herself as the person leaning out the window, and said she had sex with two of the four boys who were present at the house, but when she leaned out the window to get sick, one of the other boys assaulted her.  In a second statement to police, approximately two weeks later, Rehtaeh says for the first time that she had told the two boys “No” and tried to get them off her.

The best friend of Rehtaeh, who was at the party with her, told police Rehtaeh was being flirtatious and would some times even egg the boys on.  Rehtaeh’s friend said she was in and out of the bedroom where Rehtaeh had gone, and at one point saw Rehtaeh and 2 of the boys lying on the bed naked and laughing.  According to the friend she tried to get Rehtaeh to leave with her, but Rehtaeh refused.  This friend also states she had a crush on one of the boys and was pretty upset with Rehtaeh for flirting with him, as she had previously asked Rehtaeh to stay away from him.

The friend ultimately left upset.  But she claims she was still a good friend and returned to the house later on with her mother to try and talk Rehtaeh into leaving with them.  Still, Rehtaeh refused.

Wait, what??  An adult came to the house where under age kids were drinking and having sex and she turned around and left without doing anything about it??  Hello!!

As far as I’m concerned, the adult should be charged for doing nothing!!  As adults it is our responsibility to guide our children, teach them to do the right thing.  And what did this mother teach her child?  That it’s ok to do nothing even though crimes are being committed right in front of your face!  And people wonder where our kids learn these things…  Prime example!




Rehtaeh Parsons Family Meet With Justice Minister To Discuss Cyberbullying

There have been some recent developments in the Rehtaeh Parsons case that I would like to share with you.


Tuesday 4/23/2013

Glen Canning, Rehtaeh’s father, and her mother, Leah, had a 45 minute meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Parliament Hill to discuss online harassment and how it needs to be treated as a criminal offense.  The goal is to put cyber-bullying laws in place to prevent future situations, such as this.  The transmission of nude photo’s without consent is malicious and is done so with intent to injure the subject; this is unacceptable.  “Freedom of Speech” does not mean “freedom to destroy someone’s life.”

After the meeting with Rehtaeh’s parents, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews launched consultations on the “Canadian Victim’s Bill of Rights.”


Wednesday 4/24/2013

Prime Minister Stephen Harper held a press conference regarding putting the “Victim’s Bill Of Rights” into place as soon as possible.  They will also be discussing the increase in cyber-bullying/cyber-crimes to put new laws into effect that will allow the government to take more action when horrible crimes, such as this case, happen.  The Prime Minister has asked that this process be expedited and has announced June 2013 as the deadline for the report to be completed.  Harper is quoted saying “We absolutely must speak out against the notion that some people have that ‘anything goes’ attitude on the Internet”.

You can watch the full news conference here

Harper’s wife Laureen has also been speaking out about cyber-bullying an promoting a new website called needhelpnow.ca, which helps instruct teens and their parents on how to get their photo taken off the Internet.  I, for one, think this is a fantastic idea!

I will bring you more details as they become available.


Bullying Victim Removed From School By Her Parents Due To Threats From Classmates

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Yet another sad story of bullying has surfaced in the news.  Thank God this one didn’t end in suicide!

Mandi Vammus, 16 years old, broke up with her boyfriend in November of 2012 and suddenly started getting bullied by classmates.  A group of female classmates would randomly hurl insult after insult at her as she walked the school hallways.  Some of the insults were even laced with threats.  These bullies even went so far as to write nasty messages about her on the walls of the school bathrooms.  Mandi was so scared she could barely eat or sleep.

Mandi’s parents went to the school to address the issue and try to come up with a solution, whether it be some type of in school punishment, or suspension from school.  Something, anything, to punish those who were harassing and bullying their daughter.  But nothing changed after that visit.

The Vammus’ then wrote letters to the school board, their trustee, and member of Parliament to try and get the bullying to stop, but still nothing was done.  At one point the police were even called, but the bullying still continued.  Some of the students were finally suspended and a meeting was arranged between them and the police.  Unfortunately, the only thing that changed is the bullies started harassing and threatening Mandi anonymously.  And the police told them there is nothing criminal to investigate??  Come on!

Mandi’s mother, Nichola Vammus, told CBS “What do I say to her? Tell someone, they’ll help you, they’ll support you? They haven’t!”

Nichola wants the kids who have been harassing her daughter removed from the school, and until then, she has removed Mandi for her own protection.  Sad it even has to come to that.


It seems this is happening way too often these days.  Have these schools NOT learned anything from all the stories like this one in the news?  Have they not seen what happened to Rehtaeh Parson, Audrie Pott, or Amanda Todd?  WAKE UP!  Bullying is a very serious problem and needs to be addressed correctly!  Maybe if stiffer punishments are issued they will think twice before bullying and harassing others.

Our schools need to get more involved to prevent bullying and harassing of other students!



Sherri Bain: The Woman Who Started The “Justice for Rehtaeh” Petition

Sherri Bain, who created the Justice for Rehtaeh: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation petition which currently has 447,557 signatures, wrote why she decided to start this petition and what her goal was.  Here is what she had to say:

Last week I started a petition on Change.org as an impulsive and disgusted reaction to Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry’s announcement that he would not re-examine the investigation of the rape and subsequent suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons.

Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate that it would reach over 438,000 signatures from around the world, nor did I expect that it would put me in a position to be speaking about this matter publicly. I certainly did not expect us to reverse the decision of the Minister in less than a week.

I knew Rehtaeh when she was younger and am friends with her mom Leah to this day. I am horrified by what Rehtaeh went through and I cannot imagine how Leah and her family will deal with this loss.

Like everyone, I’ve seen the constant images and stories of children who had been bullied and sought escape through suicide. I reached a saturation point when I understood how miserably Rehtaeh had been failed.

Her friends and schoolmates failed her by distributing the picture and bullying her; her school failed her by denying knowledge of the incident, and not intervening. But none of those failures had as significant an impact as the failure of our justice system to protect her from all of it, to bring justice and healing while she was alive. None of us can understand how this was possible. It seems as if everyone in the general public could access incriminating evidence, and yet, somehow the police and the public prosecution office claim they could not find the evidence they needed to pursue charges.

Within hours of the petition going up, the Justice Minister said he would “consider options for a review” of Rehtaeh’s case. News was spreading fast through social media, and it wasn’t long before the group Anonymous had become involved. In two HOURS, Anonymous managed to collect and share enough information with RCMP that they decided to reopen the case.

That was great news. However, there should have been charges months ago, before Rehtaeh committed suicide.

So we kept up the pressure — we had to. The information Anonymous collected included a confession found online that was not fabricated, meaning it would have been available to the RCMP almost a year and a half ago. It’s been reported that months passed before the interviews with the four boys were initiated.

The four boys raped Rehtaeh, but our justice system has blame in her death. If we want real justice, we need to ensure this does not happen again. This is why it was so important that hundreds of thousands of us came together from across the globe to sign the petition and force the government to address our calls for an independent review that could tell us how and why these failures occurred in the first place.

In the end, the 400,000 plus people who signed succeeded in getting the Premier to act — on Monday he announced an independent review of the original investigation.

For now the government has yet to say who will be reviewing the original investigation. We have won this important measure of justice for Rehtaeh and I am confident that the Premier will keep his word. That said, for now, I am leaving the petition page open where people can continue signing, until the government announces who will be the truly independent experts reviewing this case.

Reopening and reviewing the case are the first step in fixing a very broken system that is meant to protect our children, like Rehtaeh, and start to shift our culture that has accepted rape and bullying for too long. We have much left to do. But in a time of so much tragedy and so many failures, today we can see that real change is possible when we all pull together. It is my hope, upon completion of all reviews, that Nova Scotia will become a leader in protecting children, especially girls, from sexual assault and bullying.

If we can do that, Rehtaeh will not have died in vain and may help save many others from such a tragic ending.




Two Ontario Experts Appointed By Nova Scotia Government To Review Halifax Regional School Board Response To Rehtaeh Parsons Case

Marilyn More, minister responsible for the status of women, has announced that Dr. Pepler, who is a York University professor and psychologist, and Penny Milton, a former CEO of the Canadian Education Association, have been appointed to review how Halifax School handled the Rehtaeh Parsons case.  During this review they will scrutinize the varies policies and programs the school currently has in place for situations such as this.  They have also been asked to recommend ways to strengthen these policies and programs, in addition to recommending new ones they feel would benefit the students.

During her interview, Dr. Pepler stated that schools absolutely have a responsibility in these type of situations.  She went on to say “When I was on the Safe Schools Action team for Ontario, we dealt with issues of cyberbullying and it was very clear to us that even if cyberbullying occurred outside the geographical boundaries of the school, if it impacted a student’s ability to learn and the learning environment for a student, the principal was responsible for dealing with it.”

I personally think the appointment of Dr. Pepler and Penny Milton is a huge benefit for the school system.  I just hope the school board takes their advice to heart and adopts any policies and programs they recommend be implemented.

Read more on this story here


New Statement Released By #Anonymous Regarding Rehtaeh Parsons Investigation

Yesterday evening Anonymous released a new statement to the Nova Scotia government regarding the Rehtaeh Parsons re-opened investigation.


Hello, leaders of the Government of Nova Scotia. We are Anonymous.
We reacted with satisfaction to your announcement of an independent inquiry into the Rehtaeh Parsons case. But upon further inspection, the depths of your cynicism and dangerous hypocrisy have been made clear to us.
Rehtaeh’s family continues to endure harassment and intimidation at the hands of these young men and their so called supporters. And your inquiry omits critical pieces of the puzzle, all designed to safeguard your power. We call upon the public to speak loudly to this conduct and remind her family and the world that we are still here. What is being done is not yet enough.
Darrell Dexter, the eyes of the world are upon you. This case is being heralded as the quintessential example of rape culture and its devastating effects on humanity. You have an opportunity to determine the causes and potential solutions to one of the most troubling and complex subjects of our time. It is your duty to present the unvarnished facts of this case not only to Nova Scotians, but to the world. The public deserves to know why everyone from The RCMP to elected officials did not act until they were made to.
Instead of seizing this chance to learn and educate, you have responded by dragging your feet, protecting your own interests, and acting with unrepentant cynicism. The independent inquiry you have ordered is but a shade of what is required to get to the bottom of this case. Rehtaeh was failed not only by the police, prosecutors, and school board. She was failed by her school, her hospital, her mental health care system, her community, and you.
You hoped we would not notice the independent review stops immediately at the doors of your offices. You thought we would let you get away with that didn’t you?
Think again.
Anonymous issues the following new requirements to be met:
1. The independent inquiry will expand to include all government departments that should or could have helped Rehtaeh.
Including: The Capital District Health Authority, Capital District Mental Health Services, The IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program, The Administration of Cole Harbour High School, The Nova Scotia Department of Justice, The Nova Scotia Department of Education, The Nova Scotia Department of Health, and The Office of the Premier.
2. A detailed and public apology from Justice Minister Ross Landry, by May 4th 2013.
Mr Landry, the situation demands you take at minimum an hour of your time to read about rape culture before this happens. Consult your colleagues, take this opportunity to educate. Explain to the public your personal thoughts on any link between rape culture and your failure to act until forced. Without such an apology, you will have lost the moral authority to govern.
3. Any inquiry called into this tragedy will be fully transparent, open to members of the public at all junctures, and operate under the auspices of a neutral body whose job is not to form opinion, but to collect the facts for all future experts researching this field.  
4. All non-independent investigations of government departments will immediately cease with all files related to this case frozen, including internal emails. We do not trust your hands on this evidence.
Anonymous will not stop until these goals have been achieved. We invite all members of the public to participate in a day of action on Saturday May 4th, to bring Justice For Rehtaeh. If you cannot join us at Province House in Halifax, we encourage you to have your say in your own community.  
To Premier Darrell Dexter and the New Democratic Party: we have had to do your job for you once already. Do not make us do it for you again. After all, there is an election just around the corner.  
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Facebook Event: http://on.fb.me/10m3UqA